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What to Wear in Los Angeles

What to wear in Los Angeles is a perpetual conundrum, unless you have the time and energy to religiously follow the fashion industry’s whims and whimsies, or the money to hire a personal stylist, as many Angelenos actually do. That’s because L.A. is the trendiest city of them all; here, what was cool a minute ago suddenly isn’t anymore, and everyone is already onto the next thing before anyone can realize what happened. The city does have its own fast-moving Fashion District, after all.

What to Wear in Los Angeles

That said, there’s no law that says you need to be the most on-trend tourist in town. Angelenos also deeply respect people who wear what makes them comfortable, without regard to trend or tabloid. You do you, and L.A. will go along.

But if you do want to attempt to emulate the city’s master fashionistas, you’ll need a few key items. Here’s a rundown of what to wear in Los Angeles.

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[st_content_ad]L.A. is the land of skinny, skinny jeans, so bring your tightest, and make sure they’re properly slashed across the knees, if not shredded all over. The distressed look never really goes out of style here.


American Apparel got its start in Downtown L.A., cranking out basic tees in basic colors; Angelenos still can’t get enough. Also, you can never go wrong with a vintage rock band T-shirt.


Denim cutoffs are preferable.

Dress-up Stuff for Nightlife

Don’t shy away from your sexiest attire—Angelenos out partying don’t bat an eyelash at tight, low-cut, skin-baring gear. So dig out those leather pants, miniskirts, sequins, patent leather heels, and stiletto boots, knee-high if possible. Don’t forget a jewelry statement piece or two.


They’re a way of life in Southern California.

Streetwear Shoes

what to wear los angeles

Adidas Stan Smith sneakers and checkered Vans have long been among the most popular footwear on L.A.’s streets.


what to wear los angeles

Especially leggings and joggers. Especially Lululemon.

Floppy Hat

what to wear los angeles

To keep the sun off your skin, and yourself in style.

And when in doubt about what to wear in L.A., definitely wear black.

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– Original reporting by Avital Andrews

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