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United, Marriott Extend RewardsPlus Through 2014

RewardsPlus, a package of reciprocal benefits for members of the programs of United and Marriott, has been extended through 2014.

This summer, when United and Marriott rolled out RewardsPlus, a package of reciprocal benefits for members of the two companies’ programs, it was on a temporary basis, in effect only through the end of 2013.

Although it’s still being promoted as a limited-time offering, the companies have now formally extended RewardsPlus through 2014.

The benefits are as follows:

  • United MileagePlus Gold and above elite members receive complimentary Gold elite status in Marriott Rewards
  • Platinum and Platinum Premier elite members of the Marriott Rewards program receive MileagePlus Silver elite status
  • United Silver members and above enjoy a 1:1 conversion rate when transferring United miles to Marriott points
  • All members receive a discount of 20 percent when converting Marriott points into United miles
  • All members receive 10 percent more United miles when redeeming Marriott points for flight and hotel vacation packages

For United elites, free Marriott Gold status (which normally requires 50 nights to earn) is a significant benefit. Complimentary Silver status in United’s program has considerably less value, but is still worth having. The special conversion rate for miles-to-points transfers is a decided improvement over the normal rates, but it’s a benefit of limited use.

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