TripIt Adds Traveler Profile, Debuts Apple Watch App

The Traveler Profile stores your passport, ID numbers for Global Entry, TSA PreCheck, and other travel-related information.

As a longtime user of TripIt, I can attest to how useful it is when you’re trying to consolidate and easily access travel information. To have in one app flight information (and with Pro, real-time updates on flights), hotel addresses and confirmation numbers, and details of activities means you’re not constantly pawing through a stack of papers wedged in your bag. Two new features (one just announced today) are taking the company’s vision of organized and available travel information to the next level.

Traveler Profile

TripIt recently rolled out its Traveler Profile, in which you can store passport and drivers’ license information, ID numbers for Global Entry, TSA PreCheck, and other travel-related information. There’s also a place to keep valuable contact information, including back-home help like pet- and house-sitters, emergency contacts, and doctors.

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In my book, the fewer individual scraps of paper I’m tied to when I travel, the better. So I appreciate this new feature. But, as I was typing in my passport number, I got that familiar shiver of potential identity-theft dread. How, I wondered, was TripIt ensuring the safety of all this information I was handing over in the name of streamlined travel?

So I asked, and received a detailed outline of the security measures the company has in place to safeguard user data. It uses a four-part approach to security: Physically, the data is stored not in its offices but rather in a secure data center. TripIt maintains a team of software security engineers who test for security vulnerabilities, and the company is also constantly monitoring overall performance to make sure the service is operating correctly. And on your mobile device, your sensitive personal information is encrypted and access to information like passport numbers is restricted by an additional passcode.

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TripIt for Apple Watch

Today, TripIt announced the launch of its Apple Watch app. Users will be able to see flight details, hotel reservations, and rental car reservations on their wrist. TripIt Pro users will receive real-time flight alerts such as gate changes and delays on the watch as well.

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