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26 Travel-Themed Socks That’ll Add a ‘Kick’ to Your Wardrobe

You can’t travel all the time, but you can pretend your favorite destinations are a lot closer by treating yourself to quirky travel-themed socks inspired by them.

If your approach to this wardrobe staple has been shaped by practicality—i.e., the fact that white crew socks come in cheap eight-packs—it’s time to take a second look at what’s out there.

Travel-Themed Socks That’ll Make You Stand Out

Finding fun travel-themed socks shouldn’t require a map. Think of where in the world you’d rather be right now, and check out this list of what socks to pull on when…

The World Is Your Bucket List

Whether they’re after-the-fact souvenirs or a pre-takeoff present, Travel Collection socks from Hot Sox (for men and women) are a bold way to broadcast your love of cities from Charleston to Rome. Collect them the way you collect stamps in your passport!

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You Pine for Sand and Sun


Socks and sandals don’t mix, but when shoes are a must you can still imagine yourself in a beachy paradise with these travel-themed socks. The Hotsox tropical trio is the perfect way to remember your last warm-weather vacation and get yourself excited for the next one.

You Want to Climb Every Mountain

Whether you prefer to hike up or shred down, there are socks to remind you of the feeling of fresh mountain air hitting your nostrils. The best reason to slip on a pair of Summit Socks from Sock It to Me, or a pair of Hiker Socks or Snowboarder Socks from Hot Sox? Because they’re there.

You’re a (New York) City Mouse

Boston’s badass and Seattle, Denver, and Dallas are all cooler than most people realize, but you’re all about the city that never sleeps. If you look like a country mouse but secretly long for gritty streets, let people know with Charlee Empire State Building socks, taxi socks from Hot Sox, or (this city mouse’s personal fave) Massimo Vignelli’s iconic NYC Subway map diagram in sock form (for men or women).

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Central America Is Your Second Home

Nicaragua may be the new Costa Rica, but you’re happy anywhere from Belize to Panama. Whether you’re drawn to the flora, the fauna, or the surf, Good Luck Socks (and its lineup of totally sweet sloths) will help you remember how to llevarla suave when real life gets crazy.

Road Tripping Is Your Jam

Your idea of heaven is putting your feet up on the dash while the miles between roadside icons stack up. So why not mentally get out of dodge with classic Route 66 socks from Yo Sox, or don these sweet road trip socks from Look Human? Or maybe you’d prefer the salty-language version?

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You Love Springtime in Paris

Want to recapture that je ne sais quoi? Show off your love for all things tres chic with (you guessed it) Eiffel Tower socks, Eiffel Tower socks, Eiffel Tower socks, or… Eiffel Tower socks. A little predictable? Sure, but much like la Ville Lumière, it’s a cozy predictability.

You Wish You Were Camping

Or glamping. Either way, keep campfire memories alive when you’re at the office with travel-themed socks that call to mind everything you love about the great outdoors. Start with these cute camping socks from Good Luck Socks (for men and women). Round out your family’s look with bear tent socks from Hot Sox or these from Skyline Squared, plus happy camper socks for the kids.

You’re First Class All the Way

You don’t care all that much where you’re going as long as taking off for parts unknown will involve kicking back at 35,000 feet. Show people you’re living the high life—and impress TSA agents at security checkpoints that still require shoe removal—with vibrant airplane socks from boldSOCKs or a more subdued pair from HUE.

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You Love It All

“Get me out of here!” could be your catchphrase, and your next trip can’t come soon enough. Wherever you’re headed, that trip is sure to be a great one when your pre-departure wardrobe includes world map socks from Socksmith. Too pedestrian? Make flying penguins your lucky travel socks.

[st_content_ad]Need another good reason to invest in quirky travel-themed socks? It turns out expressing yourself with bold hose has benefits beyond the mental vacay. According to a study published in the Journal of Consumer Research, people who pick flamboyant footwear over plain are perceived by others as brilliant, creative, and more competent, too.

In other words, those pink flamingo socks you only wear on laundry days probably weren’t behind the promotion that paid for last year’s Peruvian trek, but hey—you never know!

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Christa Terry is a writer and startup founder living the freelance life with two kids in tow. Follow her on Instagram @christa.deann or find her on ButterTea.

By Christa Terry

Christa Terry is a writer and startup founder living the freelance life with two kids in tow. Follow her on Instagram @christa.deann or find her on ButterTea.

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