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By Train / Bus, San Jose – Transportation

Transportation in San Jose by Train / Bus

There are several public transportation options in downtown San Jose, and the downtown area is very walkable.


Public transportation in San Jose and much of the rest of Santa Clara County is served by the VTA (Valley Transport Authority). The VTA operates many bus routes around the valley. The VTA Bus Service is your main means of transportation if you don’t drive in San Jose. It goes almost everywhere around San Jose and neighboring regions.

DASH is a free shuttle with routes through central downtown during business hours.

The Sharks Shuttle is free 75 minutes before game time until 30 minutes after. It does a 2-mile loop through downtown San Jose and passes many of the free parking garages.

It’s easy to get to Winchester House by Caltrain and then by bus. Take the train from San Francisco Caltrain Station to Santa Clara station, then take bus number 60 Southbound to Winchester house.


The VTA also operates a state-of-the-art light rail system. The main hub downtown connects to the surrounding neighborhoods and major corporate compounds.

The Light Rail connects downtown to the airport and major suburbs.

Caltrain provides the major train route to San Francisco and LA. Save money and time by taking Caltrain from downtown San Jose to San Francisco. The train drops you off near the new Giants Baseball Stadium.

One-way tickets are valid for 4 hours from the date and time of purchase and are honored for one-way travel from your point of origin, including stopovers within the zones shown.

10-ride tickets are valid for 60 days, but each ride is only valid for 4 hours and must be time-stamped by one of the station validators. You can use the same ticket for multiple passengers, but the ticket must be stamped once for each passenger.

Day passes are valid for unlimited travel between the zones indicated on the pass until the last train of the service day.

Purchase your ticket before boarding. Tickets are not sold on the train.

Editor’s note: The information contained on this page was compiled using real traveler reviews about San Jose by train and bus.

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