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Tipping in Croatia: The Croatia Tipping Guide

Tipping in Croatia isn’t required, but there are still times to leave a few kunas. This Croatia tipping guide will help you know when/how much to tip for great service.

Tipping in Croatia

Tipping in Croatia isn’t obligatory, but is most appreciated. It isn’t considered offensive not to leave a tip, but is a great way to show gratitude for a job well done. As most places won’t have a space to tip on a bill, be sure to carry kunas with you or simply round up when paying. Typically, the amount you tip will be up to you and the service you received, but, when in doubt, 10 percent is always welcome.

Though tipping might not be expected, there are certain times to leave a little extra for great service. This Croatia tipping guide will help you navigate when/where to tip.

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Croatia Tipping Guide

Café Server: A tip isn’t required, but you can round up to the nearest kuna, i.e. 18 to 20, to show appreciation.

Restaurant Server: Tipping is a personal preference and is not expected by servers. If, however, the service is exceptional, a tip of 10 to 15 percent is greatly appreciated. Bring kunas to tip as most establishments won’t include a space for a tip when paying.

Bartender: There’s no obligation to tip at a bar, especially with only one to two drinks. If, however, you are with a big group or drinking throughout the evening, then a tip of 10 percent is considerate gesture. Rounding up to the nearest kuna is also a nice way to show appreciation.

Tour Guides: A customary tip falls between 10 to 15 kunas per person, though you can always leave extra, to show appreciation to your guide.

Taxis: It is common, but not obligatory, to round up to the nearest kuna on a fare.

Doorman: A tip isn’t required.

Bellhop: A tip isn’t required, but 15 to 20 kunas per bag for delivering your luggage to your room is appreciated.

Housecleaning: There’s no obligation to tip, but you can leave 15 to 20 kunas per night for a squeaky-clean stay.

Concierge: A tip is not expected, but you can show your appreciation with a few kunas for a special recommendation or hard-to-get reservation.

Stylist: A 10 percent tip is a considerate way to show appreciation for your new look.

Spa Service Provider: Tipping is not obligatory, but you can leave 10 to 20 percent for exceptional service.

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Information confirmed by The Croatian National Tourism Office, Inc.

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