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Tipping in Brazil: The Brazil Tipping Guide

Tipping in Brazil is a standard practice for certain businesses, but it isn’t common everywhere. This Brazil tipping guide will help you know when/how much to tip for great service.

Tipping in Brazil

Tipping in Brazil is a standard practice, as service is typically included in the final bill at certain establishments. For instance, most restaurants include a 10 percent gratuity, so there is no need to tip anything extra, unless, of course, service exceeds expectations. This isn’t, however, the case with all businesses, and therefore it is helpful to know when a tip is included or not. When in doubt, simply remember that a little extra is always appreciated by someone who tries to ensure your experience is top-notch.

Though tipping may be common, there are still places where it helps to know if/when to leave a little extra. This Brazil tipping guide will help you navigate when/where you can leave a little extra for great service.

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Brazil Tipping Guide

Café Server/Barista: You can, but are not obligated to, leave up to 10 percent for table service if you desire.  

Restaurant Server: A gratuity of 10 percent is standard and oftentimes included in the final bill. You are welcome to leave a bit extra if the service was exceptional.

Bartender: A 10 percent tip is considered standard, but feel free to leave more as a sign of appreciation.

Tour Guides: It is customary to tip up to 10 percent of the cost for a memorable tour.

Taxis: It isn’t a common practice to tip a taxi driver, but you can always tell the driver to keep the change for a stress-free ride.

Airport shuttle driver: A tip isn’t required.

Bellhop: A tip of 1 reais per bag is always appreciated, especially when carrying your luggage to your room.  

Housecleaning: It’s not considered common to tip, but you can leave 1 to 2 reais per night for a spotless stay.

Concierge: A tip of a few reais is always appreciated, especially when helping with a reservation or recommendation.

Stylist: Tipping is up to your discretion, as there is no obligation to tip, but leaving a little extra is appreciated for a stylish new look.

Spa Service Provider: There is no obligation to tip, but feel free to leave a little extra for exceptional service.

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Information provided by the Brazil Tourism Board, but is not considered an official position on tipping practices.

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