This Embarrassing Gadget Was One of the Hottest Holiday Gifts

Selfie sticks, the physical embodiment of oblivious narcissism, are flying off the shelves. These gadgets, technically known as extendable monopods (really), were one of the most popular gifts under the tree this holiday.

Selfie sticks are poles to which you attach your camera or smartphone so you can take a selfie that doesn’t look like a selfie—a “better” selfie, one could argue. Selfie sticks make it look like a friend took a picture of you, even if you have no friends.

The sticks are already very popular in parts of Asia and Europe, and now they’re taking over the States. According to Skift, the Selfie On A Stick had to be reordered twice at Nordstrom, and is sold out at the moment. ProMaster sold out of them a few times too. Stores across the country are scrambling to stock up on the sticks.

Jirair Christianian, owner of Mike’s Camera in Boulder, Colorado, told Skift, “We basically couldn’t keep them in stock. People are taking a lot of selfies these days. The selfie stick makes it easy and makes it fun.”

It also makes poeple stare at you in public. Holding a pose as you position a 42″ stick in the air on a crowded sidewalk will a dock a few points from your dignity bank. The sticks are perfect for people who care more about looking cute in photos than looking cute in real life. Which is a lot of people, I guess.

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By Caroline Costello

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