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These Are the Most Indulgent Brunch Spots Ever

There’s nothing better than a hangover-curing, belly-busting, New-Year’s-resolution-ruining brunch.

Brunch: the meal you have when you don’t want breakfast and you don’t want lunch—or you just rolled out of bed and missed both. But the usual eggs-and-coffee rigmarole can get old. So we rounded up the craziest, most ridiculous, most indulgent brunch spots in America, from Champagne-soaked dance parties to bottomless tacos.


By Dara Continenza

Dara Continenza has been exploring the world and writing about it since 2010. Her writing has appeared on Hopper, SmarterTravel, USA Today, Money, U.S. News and World Report, Yahoo, Business Insider, TripAdvisor, Huffington Post,, and others.

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