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Sun City Nightlife – Clubs, Bars & Nightlife Tips

Sun City Nightlife

Sun City is a luxury resort situated in the North West Province of South Africa and only a few hours’ drive from Johannesburg. Its nightlife caters to tourists and people staying at the resort.

Betting It All at the Casino

The casino is a fabulous place to hang out at if you’re looking for some live music. Every night, they have a band or a singer performing. It’s also a great place to meet other travelers and locals. Though Sun City has other activities, most people come for its casino. The slots machines are open 24 hours a day, but you can also find other games to play, including Blackjack, Craps, and Roulette. In total, there are nearly a thousand games on the premises.

The Nightclubs

Traders Nightclub is a great place to go for a night out. The atmosphere is always festive, there’s live music quite often, and the club draws a lot of local talent.  The drinks can be a little pricey, but that’s consistent with the resort as a whole. If you’re looking for an upbeat night out and an evening of dancing, then Club Chirp may be a better choice for you. The dress code at both locations is rather relaxed, which is to be expected, since they both serve the resort’s visitors.

Editor’s note: The information contained on this page was compiled using real traveler reviews about clubs, bars, and nightlife in Sun City.             

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