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The Busiest Summer Travel Destinations for 2019, According to AAA

Summer, also known as high season for travel, is almost here. And according to AAA just about everyone is poised to hit the road. The organization predicts two-thirds of what it categorizes as “leisure travelers” plan to take vacations this summer, meaning millions of Americans will be hitting the road.

But where are they going? Glad you asked. Here are the destinations that are bound to be busy.

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According to AAA, these are the top-booked destinations for summer 2019, defined as June 1 through August 15. Last year’s ranking is in parentheses, to show which are the same and which have moved up (or down).

Busiest Summer Travel Destinations 2019

  1. Orlando, Florida (1)
  2. London, England (5)
  3. Rome, Italy (2)
  4. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (3)
  5. Dublin, Ireland (4)
  6. Paris, France (7)
  7. Seattle, Washington (9)
  8. Anchorage, Alaska (8)
  9. Honolulu, Hawaii (6)
  10. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic (12)

It’s likely no surprise that Orlando dominates the list, as always drawing masses of enchanted, sweating families to its fantastical parks and attractions. AAA notes that Europe remains a popular destination as well, with London gaining popularity alongside mainstays like Paris and Rome.

Seattle makes the list not only on its own merit but as part of the ever-popular Alaskan cruise circuit, along with Vancouver and Anchorage.

For travelers who prefer to avoid the crowds at these top destinations, AAA offers some suggestions: “Other destinations to watch this year that didn’t quite make the top 10 list include Montego Bay, Jamaica; Calgary, Canada; Amsterdam, Netherlands; and Anaheim, California,” said Paula Twidale, vice president of AAA Travel.

Readers, are you planning to travel this summer? Will you be hitting one of these top destinations? Comment below.

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