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Strange and Amazing Oreo Flavors Around the World

Oreos look and taste a little bit different in other countries.

Oreos call more than 100 countries home, making the cream-filled snack a contender for world’s favorite cookie. But when Oreos started taking over the world, odd things began to happen. Not only did a multitude of Oreo flavors emerge, so did many Oreo innovations. Here are some incredible ways Oreos have adapted and developed across cultures.

(Photo: Wally Gobetz via flickr/CC Attribution)

Ice Cream Flavored Oreos

There are lots of ways to eat Oreos and ice cream. You can crumble them on top stir them into a milkshake. But that’s not quite enough for some. In China, Indonesia, and Japan, some of the more popular Oreo flavors taste just like ice cream. Ice Cream Oreo flavors such as Green Tea, Blueberry, and Orange have a special ingredient in the cream that activates a cooling sensation on your taste buds.

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(Photo: jpellgen via flickr/CC Attribution)

Duo Flavors

If you’re among the lucky few to have tried Reese’s Peanut Butter Oreos, you’ll already be familiar with this half-and-half style of Oreo. What might be a little less familiar are the flavor combinations. In China, duo flavors include Orange & Mango and Raspberry & Blueberry creme. If that’s a little too much citrus for you, Argentina also offers a combination of Banana and Dulce de Leche. With the half-and-half design, it is up to you to twist the cookies and swirl the flavors together.

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(Photo: Martin Lewison via flickr/CC Attribution)

Culturally Inspired Oreos

In some countries, Oreos have adopted the flavors of local desserts. In Argentina, the Alfajor Oreo is a special flavor inspired by the original Argentine sandwich cookie. Though alfajores are typically filled with dulce de leche, the Alfajor Oreo offers a more chocolaty interpretation.

And in Mexico, Oreo has taken a traditional tres leches cake, and turned it into a cookie that’s all about the chocolate with the Trio Chocolate flavor. With three combinations of natural and bitter chocolate, this treat is not only delicious, but also serves up a crash course in the different varieties of Mexican chocolate.

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Photo: Wally Gobetz via flickr/CC Attribution)

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