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Smart Luggage Ban: Which Smart Bags You Can and Can’t Fly With

With multiple airlines (at the time of writing Delta, Alaska, and American) instituting a “smart luggage ban,” travelers have a right to be concerned if they travel with that pricey smart bag they bought. The part of the product in question is the suitcase’s battery, which with new regulations, must be removed in order to bring the bag onboard.

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Thankfully, most smart luggage bags were designed with this in mind, as some airlines in Asia already have strict battery regulations. Here’s a list of popular smart luggage carriers that do have removable batteries, and therefore should be permitted. Just make sure you know how to remove it if you’re asked to at the airport.

So far, the only suitcase that would fall under the smart luggage ban because it doesn’t have a removable battery seems to be Bluesmart. If you have a Series 2 suitcase from the brand, you can follow these instructions on how to remove the battery. Note that Bluesmart is no longer operating as its own business and was acquired by Travelpro.


Editor’s Note: We’ll continue to update this list as more information becomes available. 

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