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Senior-Friendly British Isles

Author: Grandma Cheryl
Date of Trip: September 2012

As a senior with a “stick” (as they refer to my cane), I was sure I would be quite limited in Scotland. Castles are not known to have elevators, and most are built up on a hill. But I found these charming countries go way out of their way to accommodate us travel-challenged cane walkers.

The gentleman guard outside Edinburgh Castle rushed when he saw me coming, telling me, “I see your walking with a stick..wait right there.” He pulled out a walkie talkie and in a flash my coach arrived. Well, it was a jeep, but it drove me up through the gates and to the top of the courtyard just as the queen once arrived, I am sure. And then he said, “Now, when you are ready to leave, tell a guide to call me and we will bring you back.” And they did! In all my USA travels, I have never had such service.

Every European city I have traveled in has had an ON/OFF bus for touring. Buy an all day pass, get off, visit the site of your choice, get back on the, go to the next site and do the same.

I don’t think you can find a bad hotel in the United Kingdom. Just be sure they have an elevator. Not all do. I prefer the Kensington area, but try any of them in the heart of London because you will love ALL of London. It is all accessible via the underground train. Anyone will help you with directions. And since Harrods’ has escalators and elevators, you can have your choice! And you know how we ladies love to shop!

The people are utterly charming. I love going out in the morning for a real full English breakfast. Once you have one you will never rise and shine to another like it.

The only negative I found in the UK is what they have perfected in tea, they have yet to achieve in coffee. But there are Starbucks galore to make up for what the restaurants lack.

If you still have any doubts about traveling to the British Isles, take it from me. They will all wash away the minute you see those White cliffs of Dover over there. So, go for it mate. You will love it!

By Shayne Rodriguez Thompson

Shayne is a freelance writer with expertise in all things travel, food, and parenting. She regularly contributes to SmarterTravel,,,, and BabyCenter. Her work has also appeared on HuffPost and NBC News.

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