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ResMed AirMini Review: A Portable Solution for Travelers Who Use a CPAP Machine

[st_content_ad]I’m a big traveler, so when I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea, my mind immediately went to the complexities of traveling with a CPAP machine. Once I got comfortable sleeping with my machine, I couldn’t imagine a night without it, even on the road. But each leg of a journey brought unique challenges, from packing to airport security to remembering to get filtered water for the machine’s water chamber (which often was not remembering and needing to buy expensive hotel room bottled water in a pinch).

That’s why I decided to splurge on the ResMed AirMini, a waterless CPAP machine that weighs less than a pound. I’ve already traveled with it both internationally and for weekend getaways, and it’s my new travel must.

ResMed AirMini Review:

Price and Where to Buy: $849 at or The CPAP Shop.

How the ResMed AirMini Rates:

  • Usefulness: 10/10. It’s crucial for me to use a CPAP to have a good night’s sleep, and a night away with this machine was no different. The one drawback is that it’s louder than my regular machine, so consider using a sound machine if you’re sensitive to noise (my favorite is the Marpac Rohm Portable White Noise Sound Machine).
  • Value: 8/10. This was a big purchase, as it wasn’t covered by my insurance. But I found myself in a position to buy when a year-end sale aligned with the need to use the remainder of my healthcare flexible spending balance. It may not be worth it for everyone, but as someone who is on the road at least once a month, I’ve found it a worthwhile investment. Plus, just think of all the money I’m saving on not having to buy hotel room bottled water.
  • Durability: 10/10. No complaints yet. I’ve taken it on a week-long international trip (it works with an adapter plug) and multiple weekend getaways with no issues.
  • Portability: 10/10. It’s so small that I was able to fly on Spirit Airlines with no carry-on bag (the ultimate test). Plus, the machine uses humidification filters, which means no more lugging around a clunky water chamber.
  • Cool Factor: 10/10. If CPAP machines are cool, consider this one Miles Davis (to paraphrase a quote from the movie Billy Madison). But seriously, it is cool to manage your health, including getting a good night’s sleep on the road. It’s also discreet: It fits easily into a carry-on, so other travelers won’t notice you’re traveling with the machine.

Final Verdict: It’s a big investment, but the ResMed AirMini is a game changer for road warriors who use a CPAP.

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