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Province of Alberta – Unusual Attractions & Day Trips

Province of Alberta Off The Beaten Path

Banff is one of the main attractions in Alberta province. Here are some lesser-known side routes.

Banff National Park

Take a walk along the boardwalk at Johnston Lake & stroll through the meadow that’s bursting with scent & beautifully colored wildflowers.

The Blue-eyed Grass can grow anywhere from 10 to 50 cm tall. Their blooming time is from April to September and they like to grow in moist places, generally in the open, from lowlands well into the mountains.

Ghost Town

When coming off the Highway from Calgary, instead of turning left into Banff, turn right. You will enter the historic site of Bankhead.

Bankhead was a coal mining town that thrived in the early 1900’s until the mine shut down. All of the residents were eventually forced to leave their homes.
You’ll have to visit and read the plaques to learn the rest of the story.

The foundations of many buildings still remain today. You can walk the entire site in about an hour. The walk is quite simple, mostly flat, and there are many small details to discover.

Lake Louise

The hike up to Lake Agnes from Lake Louise is quite pleasant in the summer. There’s a tea house at the top of the trail where you can get tea and cakes while admiring the splendid view. In winter the views are just as, if not more spectacular, but the hike is much more difficult in deep snow, and the teahouse is closed for the winter, so if you’re planning on tea and cakes at the top you had better stop off at the chateau deli and pick up a lunch box.

Editor’s note: The information contained on this page was compiled using real traveler reviews about unusual attractions in Alberta province.

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