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The Perfect Travel Shirt Review: Odor- and Wrinkle-Resistant Button-Down Shirt

This shirt will easily become your go-to wardrobe staple while on the road.

The Perfect Travel Shirt by La Libertad is a odor- and wrinkle-resistant button-down shirt made of Merino wool, specifically tailored with travelers in mind.

The Perfect Travel Shirt Review

Price and Where to Buy the Perfect Travel Shirt:

At presstime, La Libertad, makers of the Perfect Travel Shirt, has extended the shirt’s Kickstarter pre-order price of $97. Note that this is a temporary rate and it’ll be bumped to $137 as launch nears.


  • Made of all-natural, high-quality Merino wool
  • Odor-free material (Even after my grueling test run, including a trans-Atlantic flight immediately followed by a nonstop four-hour Mediterranean city tour, this high-performing shirt remained absolutely odorless.)
  • Versatile enough to seamlessly transition from chic to casual by tucking/untucking or by pairing with a blazer vs. alone
  • Remains wrinkle-free during wear
  • Temperature-regulating, year-round fabric
  • Comes in four colors, various sizes, and regular or tapered cut
  • Stylish, single-breast-pocket design
  • Soft-to-the-touch fabric
  • Comfortable
  • Colorfast


  • At $137, the Perfect Travel shirt is pricey for the traveler looking for a simple button-down for his travelwear staples. If intending to buy the Perfect Travel Shirt, do so now before the product launches.
  • This shirt isn’t yet available for women. La Libertad has plans to produce a similar shirt for the female set in the near future.

How the Perfect Travel Shirt Rates:

  • Usefulness: 10/10. Donning this shirt lets you seamlessly transition from museum to street market to nightlife—all suitably attired and odor-free.
  • Value: 8/10. If budgeting the cost into your travel costs, this shirt will come close to breaking the bank. Still, the shirt’s worth the splurge as you’ll get many miles out of its high-quality, durable fabric. Justify the $137 price tag by moving this shirt from your suitcase to your office-attire rotation.
  • Portability: 9/10. Though the shirt remains wrinkle-resistant during wear, it’s not made of creaseless miracle fibers. If carelessly tossed in a suitcase, the shirt will require light ironing. Fold or roll and you’re golden.
  • Cool Factor: 10/10. Forget what you thought you knew about wool products, this fine Merino wool shirt is both chic and casual.

Final Verdict:

The makers of this fine shirt aptly named their product: The Perfect Travel Shirt is indeed damn-near perfect—especially so for the traveling set. This shirt will easily be the traveler’s go-to item while on the road.

(Photo: La Libertad)

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