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Okinawa Nightlife

Okinawa is lively and bursting with fun, adventure and great nightlife. You will not be bored during your stay. You’ll find clubs, amazing food and plenty of places to drink, mingle and meet new people. Okinawa isn’t quite as expensive as the mainland, and drinks and food can be had for a reasonable price. Although it is a tourist spot, it is largely populated with military personnel.

Take The Party Bus

If you are looking for an easy way to see all the local hotspots in a safe manner, consider hiring a party bus. Get a group together and pay a flat fee to be picked up and dropped off at your hotel. Drinks and food will be provided on the bus, and even some complimentary drinks at the local spots. You will still need to bring money, of course, but overall this is a safe and cost-effective way to go bar and club hopping. This is a good way to relax and enjoy a fun evening if you have a bunch of friends. It eliminates worries of transportation and getting lost, or missing out on the best bars and clubs.

Bar Spade

If you are only in town for a couple days and you need to be selective, be sure to stop by this legendary night club. Bar Spade is a popular club with lots of drinks, music and a fun vibe. Popular with locals and visitors alike.

Gate Two Street

Several fun bars and clubs line the street, as well as shopping and dining. Noteworthy clubs include Fujiyamas, which has a punk flavor and live music, and Dragons, which plays lots of hip hop and has dancing. Gate 2 Garage is a fun bar with a laid back vibe and a great place to get a drink and relax.

In addition to the bars, clubs and restaurants, you will also find plenty of shopping and some movie theaters.

Okinawa is a military area, with U.S. bases and lots of American service people. This means there are lots of clubs and bars that cater to this group. You will find many clubs with social opportunities, and lots of drinking. Always be sure to dress appropriately for the club, as some have a more upscale dress code.

Editor’s Note: The information contained on this page was compiled from reviews and tips from real travelers about nightlife in Okinawa.

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