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Now Is the Time to Match American, US Air Accounts

If you have both American and US Airways mileage accounts, now is the time to match them, in preparation for the two programs’ consolidation later this year.

The slow-motion merging of the American and US Airways mileage programs registered a significant milestone earlier this month, when the programs began allowing travelers who have both AAdvantage and Dividend Miles accounts to “match” them.

Matching the accounts does not merge them. That won’t happen until sometime during the second quarter of 2015. Rather, matching means ensuring that the profile details (name, date of birth, email, contact information) are identical in both programs. That way, the accounts can be automatically merged later this year. If there are discrepancies between the accounts—you’re identified as Jim in one and James in the other, say—the auto-merge process will fail and you will have to intervene manually to consolidate the accounts.

A seamless merging of accounts is a win-win for travelers and their loyalty programs. American has done its part to facilitate the process, by adding a new check-and-compare function to both AAdvantage and Dividend Miles online accounts. Here’s how it works: “When you log in to either account on either site, you’ll see a prompt to match your accounts (full site only, not available on mobile web or in our app). If you don’t see the prompt, go to your account page and look for a link near the top of the page. Simply enter your account number when prompted. If your accounts match, we’ll let you know.”

And if a hassle-free consolidation of your American and US Airways miles isn’t sufficient incentive, here’s yet another reason to check in on your AAdvantage account: the recent breach of some accounts by hackers looking to steal others’ miles. Are your miles intact?

So don’t delay; check your accounts today. Right now, in fact:

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Are you prepared for the merger of AAdvantage and Dividend Miles?

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