10 Modern Engineering Marvels Every Traveler Should See

Beaches, national parks, or ancient temples be many folks’ idea of an ideal tourism destination, but for others, nothing beats oohing and ahhing over a marvel of modern engineering. There are plenty of engineering triumphs on the standard tourism list—the Empire State Building, the Eiffel Tower, the Golden Gate Bridge—but for travelers who’ve already been there and done those, below are 10 other modern engineering marvels that are well worth a visit.

Keep in mind that such structures sometimes require significant maintenance and repair efforts that might shut down the facility and/or cancel tours, so check ahead of time for any closures. Also, many of the projects have had considerable environmental and social impact on their communities that is still a point of debate in some cases. It’s worth knowing about these issues when you decide to visit these modern engineering marvels.

Modern Engineering Marvels Every Traveler Should See

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