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Limited Time: Fast Track to JetBlue Elite Perks

Register for the Mosaic Challenge by September 7 and earn 3,750 base flight points within 90 days; elite status will then be yours through 2016.

JetBlue really, really wants you (and you, and you) to join the ranks of its TrueBlue elites.

So, as it has for the third consecutive year, the airline is offering travelers a fast track to Mosaic, JetBlue’s name for its elite status.

Normally, Mosaic status is earned after flying 30 segments and 12,000 base flights points, or earning 15,000 base flight points, within a calendar year. But if you register for the Mosaic Challenge by September 7, and earn 3,750 base flight points within 90 days, Mosaic status will be yours through 2016.

TrueBlue members earn three base points per $1 spent on the base fare of JetBlue flights. So earning 3,750 base points amounts to spending $1,250 on JetBlue tickets, within 90 days.

If that’s doable, with minimal extra effort, then you’re probably a good candidate not just to earn status but to benefit from it over the long haul. But Mosaic perks are comparatively modest — which explains why the company is working so hard to fill its quota — so they’re not worth overspending to earn.

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