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Join the Mile High Club? There’s an App for That

Looking to hook up on the road? A new app, Lounger, could be just the ticket.

There are apps to facilitate just about every imaginable type of hook-up. There’s Ashley Madison for married would-be cheaters. Tinder for gay men looking for brief encounters. Match for those in the market for long-term relationships. And on and on and on.

Until now, however, there was one group conspicuously missing from the long list of those served by hook-up apps: travelers looking for anonymous relationships while on the road. A new app, Lounger, is set to bridge that gap.

Lounger, as the name suggests, allows users to “gain access to lounges world-wide or give someone you meet through the app the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of premium transiting.” So taken at face value, it purports to be about airport-lounge access. But as the video on Lounger’s website shows, the app’s deeper purpose is to connect strangers who are in limbo between flights.

In the video, a winsome female sits alone in a generic airport lounge, nursing a cold cup of coffee and, apparently, a thirst for human companionship. She fires up Lounger on her smartphone and, presto, within minutes she and a handsome fellow traveler are chatting each other up over frosty glasses of Pinot Grigio. Next stop: the Mile High Club? Maybe.

Indeed, on the app’s Facebook page, Frederik Roeder, one of the company’s two founders, lays out its purpose thusly:

a) Help infrequent flyers to get into airport lounges
b) Facilitate dating ‘airside’
c) Support some people to join the legendary ‘Mile-High Club’ already on the ground!

So if neither of the parties happens to be ensconced in a lounge when the urge to merge hits, that’s OK too. The app facilitates hook ups in the public boarding area as well.

The app’s name notwithstanding, it turns out the lounge part was never really the point.

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