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JetBlue to Stream Amazon Prime Video on Flights

Prime subscribers will soon be able to stream tens of thousands of movies and TV shows on JetBlue for free.

JetBlue already boasts industry-leading comfort in coach class, with relatively roomy seats and an inflight entertainment system that includes free Internet access. For Amazon Prime members, it’s about to get even better.

Beginning “later this year” (no specific dates disclosed), flyers who subscribe to Amazon’s $99-a-year Prime service will be able to stream for free tens of thousands of movies and TV shows to their laptops and mobile devices when linked to JetBlue’s complimentary Fly-Fi inflight Internet service. In addition to the free content, there are plenty of movies available for sale or rental from the Amazon Instant Video store. But the big story is the free content, which includes such Amazon original productions as “Transparent” and “Bosch.”

Like JetBlue’s recent tie-up with the Wall Street Journal, this is smart win-win marketing. JetBlue will get a rich source of quality content to deliver to its customers for free; and Amazon will enjoy additional sales, from flyers opting to buy or rent videos, and benefit from another selling point in marketing its Prime service.

And for consumers, at least those who are Amazon Prime members, it’s all upside. How often does that happen?

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