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8 Innovative Phone Cases and Accessories for Travel

It’s difficult to get through a full day without your smartphone, especially while traveling, so why not make the most of your phone’s case for some extra utility on the road?

Innovative Phone Cases and Accessories for Travelers

From anti-gravity cases that let you take a selfie almost anywhere to a super-thin battery case, here are eight innovative phone cases and accessories perfect for travelers.


[st_content_ad]I’ll admit I was confused by this phone-accessory trend at first … but then I tried it. For those with larger smartphones, this accessory is invaluable as a phone grip; PopSockets double as a stand for your smartphone as well, and they can be stuck onto the back of any case or phone back.

PopSockets are also great for helping hold your phone steady when filming a video or taking photos. The grip collapses flat, so you don’t notice anything extra on your phone if you keep it in your pocket. You can even buy a mount (a.k.a. PopClip) for your car vent that holds up the PopSocket.

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Anuck Wallet Case


A slidable-ID case may be the best phone case for traveling because it frees you up when you don’t need a full wallet on vacation—I usually get by with just an ID and debit or credit card. With this travel phone case, you can go wallet-free—and that means one less thing to worry about losing.

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If you need reading glasses and easily misplace them, ThinOPTICS multi-purpose phone cases are for you. The flat pair of glasses slides into the back of the case, and you can pick from a variety of frame colors and prescription strengths.

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Apple Battery Case


While these innovative phone cases designed by Apple are on the more expensive side, the Apple Battery cases are your best option when it comes to charging your phone on the go. The cases are sleek and super thin, so you barely notice the battery pack. The battery lasts up to 18 hours when using LTE. Goodbye annoying lightning cables and spare battery chargers.

Ventev Charge Stand


I really like the Ventev Charge Stand for long flights; the combo charger-stand is great for viewing shows on your smartphone (while charging). This gadget is compact enough that it won’t take up much room and works great for charging your phone on your hotel room nightstand, where outlets may not be as conveniently placed.

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No it’s not magic. The GOATcase uses Nano-suction technology to stick to smooth and flat surfaces, like mirrors, windows, or tile—and is perfect for your travel selfies. Bonus: It’s washable.

Pictar Camera Grip


Miggo makes the Pictar Camera Grip, a set of innovative phone cases for avid travel photographers. Just slide the grip onto your phone and your smartphone instantly turns into a DSLR. Notable features for photographers include an exposure compensation wheel, “smart wheel” with preset settings, shutter release, and zoom ring. It also has a tripod mount and doesn’t cover your phone’s actual camera, so you can also use a supporting lens.

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Adventure Port


This is one of the best innovative phone cases out there for travelers because of its multi-purpose functions: Not only is the Adventure Port a passport holder and phone charger, but this phone case also serves as a wallet and has RFID-blocking technology. The zip closure adds an additional layer of security. Pick from 10 trendy colors—it’s the only travel accessory you’ll need.

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Editor’s note: This story was originally published in 2017. It has been updated to reflect the most current information.

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