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How to Travel With Wine

Traveling with wine—especially red wine—in your checked luggage can be high stakes.

And while, yes, you could just wrap that wine in clothes in your suitcase and hope for the best, there are much better options.

Why not just ship? You can, but in the warmer months, many wineries won’t ship to most parts of the country because of the risk of heat damage that comes with ground shipping.

Accessories for Traveling With Wine

Here are four of the best-reviewed products for traveling successfully with wine.


Vinnibag: The Vinnibag is a reusable, inflatable wine protector that stores flat when it’s not in use. To use it, insert a bottle of wine in the middle, partially inflate the Vinnibag, roll the bottom closed, and inflate completely. The columns of air created through inflation create a thick layer of padding without adding weight. Vinnibag has other uses as well, and can be, among other things, a waterproof float for your cell phone and keys at the pool.

Wineskin: Wineskin is the classic, inexpensive option for people looking to travel with wine. You’ll find these in tasting rooms around the country. There’s a single-use version that seals with adhesive, and a zip-top version that can be reused. The single layer of bubble wrap around all sides offers decent padding.

JetBag: The JetBag comes with interior padding, but its main focus is on protecting the contents of your suitcase against any spills. The interior of the plastic bag is lined with the same absorbent material found in diapers, and is designed to soak up a full bottle of wine. The reusable zip seal means that, as long as there haven’t been any spills, the bag can be reused.

The Wine Check: With its wheels and pull strap, the Wine Check is the easiest way to travel with a case of wine. The durable Cordura nylon shell has reinforced stitching, padded sides, top and bottom, and a full zippered top. You can use it with either a cardboard or Styrofoam insert; without the insert (for instance, when you’re transporting it to your destination before you fill it with wine), the Wine Check folds up and can fit in a suitcase.

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