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Halifax Shopping – Shops, Stores, Best Buys & Inside Tips

Halifax Shopping

Travelers can go shopping in a rustic atmosphere, a modern-style mall, or even along a Victorian-style avenue in Britain’s countryside town of Halifax. Located north of Sheffield, this town, famous for its wool, has a lot to offer in the way of retail therapy.

Piece Hall

If you want to mix history with shopping, Piece Hall is the place for you. This giant square marketplace was constructed in 1779 as a venue for handwoven wool merchants to sell their goods. It has more than 300 private rooms and still functions as a market today. It also contains an art gallery, and a sprawling courtyard is available in the middle of the building, complete with a lawn and tables with chairs. You can visit the art gallery or the shops that are still open offering goods such as clothes, trinkets, books, and much more.

Westgate Arcade & the Borough Market

Famous for its Victorian-style structure, the Westgate Arcade houses an avenues of shops, bakeries, and cafes with a glass and steel awning. The old-fashioned Halifax Borough Market houses many butchers and fishmongers, among other vendors. If you look up when inside the market, you can see a giant lantern supported by decorative cast iron pillars. In either locale, you will feel a bit like you’re still in the Victorian era.

Modern Day Shopping

If you don’t care to mix history with shopping, you can stick to the modern-style Woolshops Shopping Centre or go to the local Sainsbury’s grocery store. Because even if you’re in Halifax to see the sights, you may still want to feel like you’re in the modern world. And you may still want to stock your hotel room with Hobnob cookies and fresh fruit.

Editor’s Note: The information contained on this page was compiled using real traveler reviews about shopping in Halifax.

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