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How to Get Paid to Speed Through Airport Security

Do you want to get paid to speed through airport security? CLEAR is now offering travelers a free three-month trial, $20 in Lyft airport ride credit, and a $50 LoungeBuddy credit to test its security-expediting services.

[st_content_ad]CLEAR members get to bypass the TSA’s ID check line and head straight for security screening. Instead of having an officer check your identification, CLEAR will verify your identity by scanning your finger or eye at one of its machines. Then, if you’re a TSA PreCheck member, you’ll head for the PreCheck security screening, and other travelers go to the regular security screening.

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At $179 a year, CLEAR is far more expensive than TSA PreCheck’s membership fee of $85 every five years. CLEAR is currently available at over 35 airports and sports stadiums nationwide, compared to PreCheck’s availability at over 200 American airports. But because CLEAR hasn’t yet reached the same popularity as PreCheck, it might have shorter wait times.

Even better, children under 18 can use CLEAR for free if they’re accompanied by a family member who uses the service. Meanwhile, TSA PreCheck only permits kids ages 12 and younger to go with a family member through its screening.

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CLEAR is an exciting new option for travelers looking to get through security faster. Since CLEAR is paying travelers to try their expensive security-expediting service for free, you get to decide if it’s worth it.

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