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7 of the World’s Craziest Fusion Foods

Sushi: delicious. Burrito: delightful. Combine the two together in a crazy fusion food mashup, and you’re practically guaranteed to double the amazingness.

Fusion Foods to Try

From sushi burritos to ice cream churros, here are seven of the world’s best hybrid delicacies you need to try. 

Poutine Pizza

[st_content_ad]Oh, Canada, you’ve done it again! Canadian Pizza Huts have proved their superiority to American ones by offering poutine pizza, which tops a regular cheese pizza with French fries, gravy, and cheese curds. Shockingly, according to Pizza Hut’s nutritional information, a personal pan poutine pizza will only set you back 690 calories, so go ahead and try this one without too much guilt. 

Mac and Cheese Waffles

Whether you want macaroni and cheese for breakfast or waffles for lunch, Brooklyn’s Arrogant Swine restaurant has you covered. The restaurant takes gooey macaroni and cheese and puts it in a waffle press, resulting in a gloriously crunchy waffle mac ‘n’ cheese hybrid that’s served with a cup of queso (not syrup) on the side.

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Ice Cream Trdelnik

To understand the majesty that is ice cream trdelniks, I must first introduce you to the trdelnik. This is a traditional Czech cinnamon-flavored pastry made by rolling dough around a cylinder and grilling it, and then topping the hollow treat with sugar. Some geniuses saw inspiration in the hole of the trdelnik and decided to fill it with ice cream, turning the pastry into a cone. Ice cream tredlniks can be found all over Prague, but one of the most famous spots to try this fusion food is the Good Food Café & Bakery.

Donut Grilled Cheese

Donuts are really underrated as a sandwich bookend—wouldn’t you rather have a donut surrounding your fillings instead of boring wheat bread? The Tom & Chee fast food chain thinks so, offering donut grilled cheeses done a variety of ways. Try the Original—two grilled donuts with melted cheddar cheese in the middle—or go even sweeter with the S’More: grilled donuts with chocolate, graham cracker, and marshmallow.

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Sushi Pizza

Is there any food you can’t top pizza with? The answer seems to be no, as evidenced by the fact that sushi pizza exists. Found at Itadaki in Boston, the sushi pizza features a fried rice cake as the crust, topped with tomato sauce, cheese, and a variety of fish.

Ramen Burger

If you think the best part of ramen is the noodles and not the broth, than you’ll love the ramen burger. Order it at Tatsu Ramen in California, and you’ll get a Wagyu beef patty topped with soft-boiled egg and green onion served between two ramen noodle buns.

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Sushi Burrito

The sushi burrito is probably the most popular of the fusion foods on this list—you can find this frankenfood everywhere (I’ve even seen it at Whole Foods). The sushi burrito swaps a tortilla for nori, meat for fish, and salsa for soy sauce—but the guacamole and rice remain the same.

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