Exposed: Travelers’ 6 Darkest, Dirtiest Secrets!

Americans’ most shameful travel behavior? A new Travelzoo survey reveals the shocking details!

Pssssttt… wanna know travelers’ deepest, darkest secret? OK, how about their six deepest, darkest secrets!

Apparently, this was a question keeping the inquisitive folks at Travelzoo up at night, because they took a survey to settle the matter, and published a press release to announce the results.

Cue the drum roll, please…

Americans’ most shameful travel behavior, from most to least common:

  • Taken toiletries or other items from their hotel room (69%)
  • Researched vacation plans during work hours (67%)
  • Peed in the ocean or pool (64%)
  • Called in sick to extend a vacation (24%)
  • Visited a tanning salon to enhance a vacation tan (4%)
  • Cheated on a partner during a vacation (3%)

Bear in mind that the results are self-reported. And really, how trustworthy can someone be if they’d stoop to planning a vacation on company time? (If you’re doing that right now, just stop it!)

The findings, according to Travelzoo, are based on responses from 9,577 adults, in the U.S., U.K., Germany, and China, surveyed between May 11 and June 8.

Reader Reality Check

Any deep, dark travel secrets you’d care to share?

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By Tim Winship

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