Emirates to Hamburg

Author: RSHouck3
Date of Trip: January 2001

I just completed my first trip — New York to Hamburg on Emirates. This airline is a great bargain if northern Germany is your destination. The only drawbacks? Only one flight a day (so if you miss yours or its cancelled, you wait a day). And as word gets around, flights will be packed.

Ground and flight staff were friendly and competent. Seats are comfortable and spacious. Lighting is charming. (Who knew this was possible?) Food was very good. Hot towels at the beginning of the flight. And in-flight entertainment? Exceptional. Truly amazing. Economy class has individual screens with lots of first rate movies on demand. Business class has screens bigger than the one you have at home.

The Hamburg airport is only 20 minutes from central Hamburg and is small enough to be easy to deal with. As to Hamburg generally, I was there for business, but I was (positively) shocked at how fresh and vibrant the city has become. Lots of renovated buildings and cultural and shopping opportunities. I had an excellent 4 course meal at a 1 star Michelin restaurant close to the train station for 60 Euros. My hotel, Intercity, was also a bargain at about 100 Euros a night. It’s right across from the art museum and 3 blocks from Hamburg’s main shopping street.

By Shayne Rodriguez Thompson

Shayne is a freelance writer with expertise in all things travel, food, and parenting. She regularly contributes to SmarterTravel,,,, and BabyCenter. Her work has also appeared on HuffPost and NBC News.

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