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Canceled Flight? This Airline Will Let You Rearrange Your Own Trip

If your flight on American Airlines is canceled or delayed, forget calling customer service or waiting in line at an airport. You can now rearrange your trip yourself, using American’s newly launched “dynamic reaccom” (read: re-accommodation) tool online, on the mobile app, or at an American Airlines kiosk.

Canceled Flight: Using American’s ‘Dynamic Reaccom’

In your canceled flight notice, American will include an option to choose a new flight. Head to the “dynamic reaccom” tool and enter your particulars to view available options (which will be within the same cabin class). One possibility American offers with “dynamic reaccom” is flying to a new destination that’s within 50 miles of your original one. Once you choose a new flight or destination, the tool will automatically issue your new boarding pass and redirect any checked baggage.

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So far, this new system is only available for American and American-managed itineraries with current partner airlines, which American hopes to add more of. You can use the tool with many but not all American fares: The most notable exception is frequent-flyer award travel.


At many levels, this is a surprisingly good airline innovation: It allows you to avoid long lines at customer service desks or long phone times spent on hold. But, as any long-time frequent flyer will tell you—when repairing a busted trip itinerary, there’s often no substitute for a savvy airline agent, if you can find one.

Still, American’s new system will probably allow you to repair a broken trip more efficiently than you could before now—and other airlines could join the trend.

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