Can You Guess the World’s Most Visited Country?

The answer may surprise you… and it’s not the USA. This one country saw some 84.7 million tourists last year.

Planning a vacation to Paris or Nice? You’re not alone. According to the Daily Mail, France was the most visited country in the world in 2013, hosting a record-breaking 84.7 million tourists.

The United States came in a distant second, with just 69.8 million travelers coming to the nation.

Surprisingly, all of the top ten countries were from just three continents—Europe, Asia, and North America.

The statistics, which came from the World Tourism Organization, showed the top ten most visited countries in 2013 and their reported number of tourists as follows:

  • France, 84.7 million
  • US, 69.8 million
  • Spain, 60.7 million
  • China, 55.7 million
  • Italy, 47.7 million
  • Turkey, 37.8 million
  • Germany, 31.5 million
  • United Kingdom, 31.2 million
  • Russia, 28.4 million
  • Thailand, 26.5 million

Did you go to France (or any other country) last year? Tell us in the comments.

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