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Cairo is HOT in the wintertime!

Author: Silver2
Date of Trip: January 2009

I procrastinated hitting the enter key. Purchasing Delta E-tickets to Cairo, fortyish, long blonde, what had possessed me to travel so far, solo all the way. Enter. Easy now, over and out. Pack -n- go. Freedom rang in my ears so loudly that I became giddy. My flight was flawless, somehow every person was vibing me good wishes and happy tidings of joy. Airline food, always a joke there, became delicious as I was served finger burning hot croissant and French Roast Coffee over France. Fortunately for me, my son attends the American University Of Cairo. He lives independent of school in the center of Cairo. I came to know the baker, the cafe shoppe workers. The kids who ride their bikes along the congested streets. I listed for the five calls to prayer and observed those who choose to pray in the streets. Seemingly, all of the city held great structures, all of marble, limestone, granite. Each were covered in dusty grime though the beauty was obvious.

My eyes beheld hardship as I have never seen and yet a beauty almost uncomprehendable. My mind held images like a slideshow that would not stop. Closing my eyes at night was impossible, so much was yet to be seen. I fell in love with the people, and my son was amazed how receptive people were to me. Never was there a moment of disrespect or hostility toward me. Though, I must say, I did dress modestly and respectfully. I had a moment in Khan Al-Kahlili where two little girls ran their hands across the bottom of my hair. We stood together and laughed like sisters.

Please do see Khan Al-Kahlili, it is so beautiful. An ancient market, in Cairo, Naploeon’s diary speaks of this most fabulous place and the historical impact will floor you !! Be sure to take your camera. The market is within the original walls and gates to the city. Cairo Airport.

Pack lightly, I wore my English riding boots and that Gentryfied look took me everywhere. Oh, and don’t forget a beautiful scarf. We are talking Fashion Statement here ! You will never forget Cairo, neither will I!

By Shayne Rodriguez Thompson

Shayne is a freelance writer with expertise in all things travel, food, and parenting. She regularly contributes to SmarterTravel,,,, and BabyCenter. Her work has also appeared on HuffPost and NBC News.

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