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10 Best Sleep Masks for Travel

Whether you’re trying to snooze in a bright plane cabin or a hotel room missing proper curtains, light can seriously mess with your sleep. Pack one of these sleep masks for instant darkness and stellar sleep.

Pack These Sleep Masks

Concerned about ruining your pristine makeup, or if your sleep mask will truly achieve total blackout? Try one of these sleep masks that could change your mind.

Bedtime Bliss Sleep Masks

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[st_content_ad]When you are in the deepest stage of sleep, called rapid-eye movement, or REM cycle, your eyes move around underneath your eyelids. You don’t want to have anything restricting that movement: A sleep mask like Bedtime Bliss that’s contoured around your eyes is good at preventing this. Rather than pressing down on your eyelids, it gives your eyes the space to move freely as you dream.

Yala Silk Sleep Masks

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If you’re going to wear something on your delicate eye area all night, it might as well be silk. The material is purported to help prevent wrinkles and breakouts when used as a sleep mask. Yala’s silk sleep masks have a 100 percent silk exterior, which feels soothing on your skin. The black silk lining helps block out light, and the two ultra-thin straps won’t annoy you when you’re laying down.

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GoSleep Travel Sleeping System

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Fall asleep sitting up and on a brightly lit airplane with the GoSleep Travel Sleeping System, which uses adjustable elastic straps: Loop them around the wings of your headrest, rather than your seatback to avoid annoying the person behind you. When attached to the sleep mask, they’ll keep your head from bobbing forward.

Lavender Silk Eye Pillow

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Research has found that the smell of lavender can help induce sleep—or at least block out bad smells in your airplane cabin or hotel room. This Premium Lavender eye mask is filled with the herb, and it’s customizable—you can add or remove lavender until you get a comfortable fit.

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IMAK Compression Pain Relief Mask and Eye Pillow

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If you suffer from migraines, sinus pain, or puffy eyes, you’ll want to try the IMAK eye pillow, which is filled with tiny ergoBeads that conform to your face and give a gentle massaging effect. Pop it in the freezer for cooling relief and to help with puffy or swollen skin.

NodPod Weighted Sleep Masks

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Weighted blankets are thought to provide a calming effect, which can reduce anxiety and help with insomnia—and are very trendy right now. But for a more travel-friendly version, try a weighted sleep mask like the NodPod, which uses microbeads as a form of deep-pressure touch therapy to help you sleep better and to alleviate stress.

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Alaska Bear Sleep Masks

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The Alaska Bear sleep masks are a cult favorite on Amazon, with a 4.5-star rating and nearly 10,000 customer reviews—and certain colors are only $5.99 price at time of writing. The sleep masks have an adjustable headband that will fit any head size and can even fit the plane’s CPAP oxygen masks underneath, if needed. A small flap by the nose can be flipped for extra light-blocking power.

Iluminage Skin Rejuvenating Sleep Mask

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The Iluminage sleep mask is made from a patented silky fabric woven with copper, which Iluminage claims can promote younger-looking skin after four weeks of use. It’s worth a try—even if it doesn’t work, it will still help block out light.

Puroni Blackout Sleep Mask

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If you can’t stand anything touching your eyelids while you sleep, the Puroni Blackout Sleep Mask is for you. This sleep mask has deep, 3D-contoured domes that surround your eyes (rather than resting on them) so you’ll feel like you aren’t wearing anything on your face.

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Travel Halo Sleep Mask

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The Travel Halo looks like a visor pulled down over your face, but it’s actually a plush eye mask with two small pillows attached to the side, which will cradle your head and prevent it from falling down when you sleep sitting up. When you’re not using it, it rolls up for easy storage.

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