Beach Trip for One Playas, Ecuador

Author: Patsy Smith
Date of Trip: November 2012

What do I do next? Relax on the beach, go for a boat ride, tour a farm or go sightseeing in nearby towns. For just 2 days there was so much to see and do.

The Spanish-styled Hotel Romanos had a gym, Karaoke, swimming pool, almost directly on the beach and offered tours.

I took a boat tour of nearby islands filled with birds while another was a great place for a weekend getaway.

I walked along the streets of nearby Posorja, passing the smell of fresh baked bread and cakes, small cafés where a home-made lunch cost only $2.00 and fishermen who were preparing their fresh caught fish to sell to the local clientele then found a small crafts market nearby where I bought a few souvenirs.

The owners can arrange a trip to a local farm where green bananas, one of the largest export items of Ecuador, are grown or a trip into the nearby city of Playas. They have horse and buggy rides, volleyball and soccer and of course, my reason for the trip, a beautiful, peaceful beach where I could just read and relax.

The friendly atmosphere and delicious food made me wish I had more than just 2 days. It was a terrific place to visit and one I will definitely return to.

Hotel Romanos—

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