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Baggage Fees Now Built into the Cost of Your Flight

Unique among online travel agents, FlightHub and JustFly provide you with baggage-fee information before you book. That means your fare purchase is not a gamble, but rather an informed decision.

Take the Gamble Out of Booking

Finding a good flight deal doesn’t have to be a risk when you use FlightHub or JustFly. These Canadian and U.S. online travel agents (OTAs) remove the chance of surprises—particularly surprise fees—by clearly displaying baggage pricing details.

Until now, travelers needed to research how many carry-on and checked bags they could bring free of charge—plus figure out fees for any additional baggage—before purchasing a flight. This may very well have involved visiting the airline’s website and finding the baggage policy for the fare segment: Basic Economy, Economy, Business and so on. In fact, as great flight deals often involve more than one carrier, the traveler may have had to visit more than one carrier’s site to determine baggage fees.

FlightHub and JustFly Display Baggage Information Clearly

Understanding how much baggage you could check and carry onto a flight used to be easy. But with the drive to lower prices by limiting weight (and thus fuel costs) has come tighter baggage restrictions.

For the streamlined traveler who’s always ready to fly with just carry-on luggage, pricing a flight is easy. But for many flyers, the display price on the itineraries they’re considering may be more complex than it appears.

Baggage Fees at a Glance Show the Total Flight Price

To simplify pricing and booking, FlightHub and JustFly have surfaced this hard-to-find baggage information. Now you can get specific answers at a glance and make informed decisions about the total cost of flights.

For example, if you’ve found a few great deals on holiday flights from Vancouver to Winnipeg, and you know you’ll be checking bags (for all those great gifts), you’ll want to be sure to compare flight prices with baggage fees factored in. Unlike other OTAs, FlightHub and JustFly display this essential baggage information alongside the rest of the ticket information. So for example, of the three flights you’re considering, one may offer two free checked bags, the other just one free checked bag, and the third might a fee of $40 for each checked bag. That can add up to a big price difference fast, and can turn a cheap flight into a significantly more expensive one.

On every FlightHub and JustFly itinerary you can see how many pieces you can carry on and how many pieces you can check in free of charge. Plus, just one click will take you to the carrier’s baggage information page, where you can read specifics about luggage weight and size restrictions.

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Save the Mysteries for Your Onboard Reading

With four hundred airlines all over the world, each with its own baggage policy, it can be hard to keep up with fees. And more airlines are now segmenting economy class—for instance, into Mega, Ultra, or Super Economy—which offer lower base fares but often tack on additional charges for baggage.

Baggage policy details are not available through any one source, but rather are spread throughout the fine print on tickets and the baggage policies on hundreds of carrier websites. But the developers at FlightHub and JustFly have found a way to collect and display baggage information alongside ticket prices.

Buying airline tickets online is faster and easier than ever, but it’s not always easy to see additional costs like baggage fees before you book. FlightHub and JustFly offer the peace of mind that comes with being able to easily see the total price. Budget for baggage fees before you buy so you can arrive at the airport secure in the knowledge that you really did find the best fare.

By Christine Sarkis

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