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Are You the Hotel Guest from Hell?

A new survey by Expedia identifies the 10 most aggravating types of hotel guest. Are you on the list?

Ever had an otherwise pleasant hotel stay ruined by another guest’s misbehavior? Probably. And if you haven’t yet, you almost certainly will.

According to a new survey by Expedia, the 10 most aggravating types of hotel guest, ranked from most to least bothersome, are as follows:

  • Inattentive Parents – 67%
  • The Hallway Hellraisers – 64%
  • The Complainers – 54%
  • The In-Room Revelers (noisemakers nearby) – 52%
  • The Bickerers – 26%
  • The Poolside Partiers – 22%
  • The Loudly Amorous (indiscreet lovemakers) – 21%
  • The Hot Tub Canoodlers (amorous couples in a public hot tub) – 20%
  • The Business Bar Boozer (sloshed business travelers) – 12%
  • The Elevator Chatterbox – 6%
  • I’ve had my sensibilities assaulted by several of the listed miscreants. But I find Expedia’s list inexplicably short by at least one character type: the Non-Specific Noisemaker. By that I mean to call out my fellow traveler in the room above or beside mine, who, during my would-be sleeping hours, stomps on the floor (my ceiling); keeps the TV volume up; engages in long, loud phone or person-to-person conversations; showers (with or without singing); and otherwise interferes with my ability to get a solid night’s sleep.

    While I make a conscious effort not to engage in Non-Specific Noisemaker behavior myself, I have to confess to having once been a dreaded Poolside Partier. It was a family reunion at a Courtyard by Marriott in Del Mar, California. We ordered pizzas from a local Italian eatery and camped out around the pool. We carried on loudly, and late.

    Although no one complained, I have no doubt that we disturbed the hotel guests in the rooms closest to our group.

    Sorry, sorry, sorry.

    Reader Reality Check

    What most irks you when staying at a hotel?

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