Another week, another round of inspections and delays

United has grounded its Boeing 777 fleet for safety inspections. International travelers should expect delays.

Last week, I reported on [% 2540096 | | American grounding 200 planes %] for safety inspections. According to USA Today, United has jumped on the bandwagon, taking out its entire fleet of 52 Boeing 777s for fire system maintenance checks. The checks are voluntary, resulting from United personnel realizing these systems had not been tested during previous inspections.

If you’re traveling internationally, expect some delays. United’s 777 planes are scheduled to make more than 60 international flights today, and 22 domestic trips, but with the inspections, you can bet that there will be some holdups. If you’re flying with United and want to check the status of your flight, visit And maybe bring some fun diversions to the airport for your wait.

By Sarah Pascarella

Sarah Pascarella has a master's degree in writing, literature, and publishing from Emerson College, where she specialized in magazine writing and nonprofit publishing. She is a member of the North American Travel Journalists Association and the New England Writers association.

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