Annapolis…A Little Unknown Star

Author: Grandma Cheryl
Date of Trip: August 2006

I had the extreme pleasure of traveling to Annapolis, Maryland this summer. I would never have thought of this as a place to visit, but the deal of the century on a sailboat brought this quaint seaport town into my life!

Known as the sailing capital of the world, it sure fit my bill. But take note, it didn’t fit my billfold…this is a rather expensive town with most meals costing around 20 dollars per person.

Don’t crab about the menu prices…the ambiance is second to none! Breakfast, lunch and dinner on or near the water. Shops galore. The free concerts given by the Naval Academy Band on the wharf. The too many to mention sailing excursions and above all else, the academy itself.

With a photo ID you are free to walk among those hallowed halls of the Naval Academy. Watch the grads go through their daily cadence, and see some of America’s most important historical treasures. It’s not hard to envision George Washington strolling up to the oldest working state building on those brick lined streets.

If you get a chance, go to Annapolis — even if it’s only for a day trip. I guarantee you will go back. Just don’t turn left onto the dock! Still, there’s a nice policeman always there just in case you do.

By Shayne Rodriguez Thompson

Shayne is a freelance writer with expertise in all things travel, food, and parenting. She regularly contributes to SmarterTravel,,,, and BabyCenter. Her work has also appeared on HuffPost and NBC News.

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