Airplane Passenger Shaming Is the Newest Trend on Instagram

An effective (and hilarious) new way to vent frustration over bad behavior is taking social media by storm.

#PassengerShaming is trending and we’re totally OK with that. For the good of flyers everywhere, the Passenger Shaming Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts are taking to the social media sphere to put unruly, unmannered, and uncivilized airline passengers on blast for their bad behavior. We’re talking about things like PDA on a plane, bare feet on a plane, shirtlessness on a plane, and everything in between.

See exhibit A:


There are passengers who seem to think their seat area is one giant trash can:


And there are those who treat the galley like it’s their own personal gym:


There are the ones who think the airplane doubles as a diaper pail:


And there is the one who urinated in the lavatory sink, but we really didn’t want to show you that photo.

If you have the bad luck of getting stuck on a plane with one such flyer—someone you think deserves to be publicly humiliated for his or her bad behavior—snap a photo and submit it to

Readers, how do you feel about Passenger Shaming? Is it an effective (and hilarious) way to vent frustration and hopefully change bad behavior, or is it an invasion of privacy? Share your opinion in the comments!

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