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7 Things to Know Before Traveling to Rome

Back from a recent trip to Rome, Features Editor Patricia Magana offers advice on those little things no one else tells you prior to a visit to the Eternal City.

Your plane ticket is in hand and your hotel is booked: You’re ready for Rome, right? Not so fast! Before you say “ciao,” there are a few things you’ll want to know. Here are seven tips that will save you a lot of heartache on your trip to the Eternal City.


By Patricia Magaña

Always on the lookout for value-oriented travel, Senior Editor Patricia Magaña has trekked throughout the States, Latin America, and Europe. Follow her on Instagram @PatiTravels.

Since joining the editorial crew in 2005, Magaña has pounced on incredible deals to Amsterdam, Madrid, and San Pedro Sula—each for less than $300. Her favorite travel experiences involve discovering street art while meandering a city, chatting up locals, and day drinking.

Her stories have appeared on USA Today, Huffington Post, Yahoo!, TripAdvisor, AirfareWatchdog, and other publications.

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