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8 Airlines Will Offer Free Wi-Fi This Thanksgiving

Wi-Fi access and digital content will be available for free in the sky and at airports nationwide on “Connection Day.”

In what has been dubbed “Connection Day,” Verizon Wireless, JetBlue, GoGo, Amazon, Pandora, and several other companies have banded together to make WiFi access and digital content available for free on Wednesday, November 26. That’s the day before Thanksgiving, and one of the three busiest travel days of the Thanksgiving holiday period.

In the content area, there will be free music downloads from Amazon, free magazine downloads from Conde Nast, and free access to Pandora’s ad-free music-streaming service.

For holiday air travelers, the following freebies will be available:

  • If you’re flying on American, Alaska, Delta, Air Tran, United, US Airways, or Virgin America, you’ll be treated to 30 minutes of free Gogo WiFi.
  • If you’re flying on JetBlue, you’ll enjoy free Internet access for the full duration of the flight.
  • At airports with Boingo WiFi, travelers will get free access (duration varies by airport location).

Leave your email address on the Connection Day landing page to receive a reminder summarizing the available free services and how to access them.

Bottom line: On one of the most stressful of all travel days, this promotion can provide travelers with a bit of distracting entertainment and save them a few bucks as well. Nice!

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By Tim Winship

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