2 Free Hilton Nights for New DirecTV Subscribers

DirecTV is offering new subscribers two free weekend nights at Hilton hotels for qualifying new satellite TV packages.

For travelers who are in the market for a new cable or satellite TV package, this offer from DirecTV and Hilton may be just the ticket.

Offer Details

DirecTV (now owned by AT&T, for better or worse) is offering new subscribers two free weekend nights at Hilton hotels for qualifying satellite TV packages.

Naturally, there are terms and conditions to consider. Among them:

  • Offer applies to packages priced at $49.99 a month or above.
  • Qualifying subscriptions require a 24-month commitment.
  • The free-night certificate remains valid for 12 months from issue date.
  • Free nights may be taken on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.

There’s no published end date to the offer, so it could be modified or terminated at any time.

Deal or No Deal

What should give potential customers pause here is the 24-month commitment. That’s a long time to be locked into a relationship with any service provider, especially in an area that’s undergoing as much structural change as paid TV.

On a related note, the monthly price for the first year is discounted; it will rise during the second year.

And as with all paid TV plans, that entry-level $49.99 package could be considerably more expensive when taxes and fees and device charges are factored in.

Quibbles aside, if a DirecTV subscription is a must-have, you might as well get a couple of free weekend hotel nights with it.

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By Tim Winship

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